Term Projects

Each student is expected to select one of the projects listed below, make literature survey, report what has been achieved, and what can be done in future, and present the report.

  • A Simple Test Method for Finding Jıc, Kıc, Gıc.
  • Effect of Multilayering on Fracture Toughness (OE)
  • Kinetics and Kinematics of Buckling in Pipe Bending (MA)
  • Analysis of Metallic Plate Perforation by Using J-Integral 
  • An Investigation on the Perforation Resistance of Laminated Balsa Square Plate
  • Analysis of Spalling and Scabbing at Oblique Impact of Plates by Penetrators
  • Determination of Johnson-Cook Parameters by Using Impact Test Data (YZC)
  • Analysis of Fiber Weaving on Ballistic Performance
  • Design of a Road Side Barrier with Better Crashworthiness than the Available Ones
  • Anaysis of vehicle impact with shallow footing anti-ram bollard.